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Passion in Running with ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 17 Running Shoe

GEL Kayano 17 300x300 Passion in Running with ASICS Womens Gel Kayano 17 Running ShoeOne recommended running shoes is the ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 17 Running Shoe. Running is a very good exercise for it does not only burn the fats and improve the stamina but it also enhances the physique of a person. This is why a lot of people are now into running as their daily exercise. In running, workout and other sports, you need to have the right shoes. This is because wearing the wrong shoes in a sport could cause harm and pain on your feet. Thus, the GEL-Kayano 17 was created for a fun and comfy running experience.

My overall rating: 5star2 Passion in Running with ASICS Womens Gel Kayano 17 Running Shoe

Available on Amazon up to 48% off!

It is designed to have a cutting edge technology, high-end components, DuoMax Support System and an asymmetrical lacing system for a fine comfy yet durable pair of running shoes. Sports and running will certainly be an indulgence one will be able to enjoy. Unlike other running shoes, the Asics Kayano 17 shoes have features that allow you not to worry of any kind of pain after your exercise. It basically assures pain-free and comfortable activities like running, trainings, workouts, and sports.


Just like other Asics products, the Gel-Kayano 17 provides the finest features for running shoes. One of the focused features that it offers is the amazing comfort that allows the users to enjoy every step they take. It is also known for having an exceptional shock absorption technology that eliminates impact for a painless run and exercise for the users. This means that even though you will run and do sports daily, the shoes will not tarnish and the comfort that it brings will still be the same. Its durability is incredible and is best for a long term use.

Another feature that makes the Gel-Kayano 17 a good choice for running is its synthetic rubber sole. What is more desiring in a pair of shoes is the comfort that it can offer. This is why ASICS has created these good quality shoes for at the best affordable prices.


  • Good Price
  • Gel provides extreme comfort
  • Excellent cushioning


  • No known Cons

Comfort and Fun in one

The Gel-Kayano 17 also comes in remarkably comfortable men’s shoes as well. It basically has the same features but differ in sizes and shapes. With the features these shoes have, it is undeniable that purchasing them are more than worth it. It is indeed best for people who love running and other sports and activities. Furthermore, these Asics Kayano 17 shoes are one of the top of the line shoes in the market today that you should not fail to check out.

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So for those who want to buy only the best comfortable shoes, then you should purchase the ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 17 Running Shoe. It is available at Amazon and other online stores like Footsmart and at the cheapest prices. Prices range from about $130 to $135. Moreover, they can be ordered and sent on free shipping if the customer has the Super Saver Shipping at Amazon. You can visit all three sites to be able to compare which has the lowest price. For more information and products, you can visit The site also offers other type of shoes like aerobic shoes, jogging shoes, running shoes, walking and athletic shoes. We can say that purchasing online is indeed a very easy task, however as we have discussed, it is highly recommended and best for you to know and feel the shoes first before buying them. Thus being able to wear the shoes and judge it yourself is one important matter.

Luxury in Running with ASICS Women’s GT 2160 Running Shoe

10 300x201 Luxury in Running with ASICS Womens GT 2160 Running Shoe For those of you who love running as your regular exercise, the ASICS Women’s GT 2160 Running Shoe is highly recommended for you. Shoes come in different styles and materials. There are leather shoes, rubber shoes, sneakers and a lot more. This is why when purchasing your pair of shoes you need to remember that there are appropriate footwear for various activities. You should make certain that what you buy and wear are the right shoes to be able to avoid foot pain and the likes.

Overall rating: 4.5 stars Luxury in Running with ASICS Womens GT 2160 Running Shoe

The ASICS GT 2160 provides extreme comfort for runners. It is designed to give a comfortable foot environment for an incredible relaxed run and exercises. The advanced design enables runners to have a smooth support and strong grip for running and walking.

Shoe Features

This running shoe is equipped with features specifically designed for running, training, walking and even sports. Its biomorphic fit technology gives a stress and irritation free foot position. It has a reinforced toe cap that guarantees sturdiness for long lasting use. It is also designed to have a gel cushioning system in its insole for the user’s extreme comfort and smooth support. Its features assure durability and comfort even when used in less ideal surfaces.

A lot of shoes are specifically suited for a certain activity and occasion. This is the reason why it is hard to purchase a pair of shoes if you do not know what you should buy. However, Asics have created various shoes for specific activities. These shoes include aerobic, fitness , tennis , jogging  and as running sneakers. You will certainly be able to choose the right for any of your activity.

For people who are having problems with foot pain while and after jogging, the ASICS GT 2160 indeed is the best running shoes for you. With its consistent fit and supreme comfort, running will be a passion and luxury in one.

The Good:

  • Comes in various designs and colors
  • Fit and long lasting
  • Light weight

The Bad:

  • Snug shape of shoes bring discomfort to some users

Worth the Purchase

The ASICS GT 2160 has features that make the perfect running shoes. Although it has a con that affects few people, reviews can prove that the running shoes is indeed comfortable and worth buying. Almost all of those who have purchased the product are contented and are satisfied with what the  GT 2160 can bring. With the features of the running shoes, exercising will be a fun and enjoyable daily routine. You would not feel any signs of stress and pain with these shoes. The comfort and suitability the shoes have brings running, exercising and sports a new level of fun and luxury.

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For more information about the ASICS Women’s GT 2160 Running Shoe, visit Amazon and you will find more details and reviews from the users of the product. You will see how they are satisfied with the features and what the GT 2160 has to offer. Designed for the year 2011, it is undeniably one of the best running shoes in the market. If you want to get that comfortable running experience, then you need to purchase convenient shoes at its best. They are available at Amazon at the price of about $60 to $70. It comes in different colors that you will surely adore. If you want to have discounts, then you might as well check on other online shops. The product is available at online shops like Footsmart and at low prices. It is also available for shipping to other selected countries outside the US.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe Review

Ease and Comfort Running with Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe
Mizuno Womens Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe 300x300 Mizuno Womens Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe Review

Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe is the latest in the Mizuno wave series. The Mizuno brand has long been a trusted footwear partner in the world of sports. Running shoes has been its passion and has now evolved into the Mizuno wave creation.

Overall rating: 4.5 stars Mizuno Womens Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe Review

Available from Amazon at 8-10% off

Shoe Features

The wave technology of this particular running shoe equips it for high performance running and training. It features the dynamotion stretch that is lightweight and made of synthetic clothing material. It provides for appropriate ventilation in the midsole section of the shoe to minimize build up of heat, allowing it to be continuously comfortable all throughout your running. Trainer shoes such as this Mizuno Women’s Running Shoe is known for its durability and comfort. It relieves stress on the feet with its SmoothRide feature which reduces impact while running. Its flex grooves are larger to allow total efficiency of your energy during the initial running stage. This Mizuno running shoes offers superb cushioning and very ideal for high arch runners.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe series comes in men’s and women’s line with various colors to choose from. Women’s Wave Creation 12 comes in unique colors of Dark Shadow, Raspberry, Silver, Lime, Virtual Pink, River Blue, Wild Lime, Orange Peel, Sunny Lime, Dahlia Purple and more.

The Good:

  • Durable, lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Very good quality running shoes.
  • Provides running stability support similar to much more expensive running shoes.
  • Trendy and fashionable design but not coming out too strong.
  • For those are not neutral, well not quite, this will be a good addition to your comfortable running shoes.

The Bad:

  • May be a bit expensive than regular running shoes.
  • Their sizes is 0.5 smaller than the regular shoe sizes, make sure to get the right size to maximize its benefits.
  • Tread glue at the at the shoe bottom is totally waterproof, once it starts to peel it would be time to get a new pair.

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe is for individuals who put in comfort, durability and performance support as basic requirements for their running shoes. A lot Mizuno running shoe users have continuously patronized the product along its transition from one design and feature to the other, waiting for a new line to come out to replace the old pair. This particular model is always the best seller in women’s athletic running shoes in Amazon.

Positive reviews are encouraging a lot of people to purchase mizuno shoes. A savings of 20% on Mizuno products are being offered online. Visit the Amazon website to get hold of the best price offer and avail of its free shipping promotion. Store price may vary depending on the supply availability.

Nothing beats the comfort and ease that the Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe provides its runners. Many are loving it and are even excited to buy another pair! Runners are never disappointed with these shoes some are already on its fifth pair.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe Review

ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe Review

ASICS Womens GEL Kayano 15 Running Shoe 300x300 ASICS Womens GEL Kayano 15 Running Shoe Review

How does one argue with the ladies who’ve made the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe the most popular running shoe for women on The answer: You can’t.

Ever since ASICS revolutionized running when it introduced gel into its soles, its shoes have just gotten better and better, and with the GEL-Kayano 15, one can’t help but wonder what more ASICS can do to improve on it.

Overall rating : 4.5 stars ASICS Womens GEL Kayano 15 Running Shoe Review

Actually, ASICS did with the release of the GEL-Kayano 16. But yes, the GEL-Kayano 16’s emergence has also meant that prices of the GEL-Kayano 15 have been steadily dropping, always a great plus for any product. And the truth is, many people still consider the GEL-Kayano 15 the flagship of the ASICS’ iconic Kayano line.

Mass appeal

What does set the GEL-Kayano 15 apart is that, with this shoe, ASICS seems to have chosen to veer off the path too many manufacturers have taken, of overspecialization. Instead, it latched onto the fact that up to eighty-five percent of people have moderate overpronation, or the tendency of the foot to roll too far inward while walking or running, and came out with a shoe that helped address a condition that almost everyone has.

Overpronation is caused by low or collapsed arches and by flat feet. Because of the inward rolling of the foot, the shock from striking the ground as one walks or runs is not spread evenly and is instead absorbed by the knees, back and lower leg. The uneven absorption and distribution of the shock caused by overpronation is also one of the main causes of injuries to the foot and to the other parts of the body affected.

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Stable stride

Stability shoes, like the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe, are designed with more rigid midsoles and midsole supports to limit the inward roll of the foot and guide it towards a better, more stable gait.

To improve the arch support to vital for overpronators, the GEL-Kayano 15 has the DuoMax dual density midsole and the cutting edge Space Trusstic System that wraps around the arch to guide the heel-to-toe roll of the foot and prevent it from twisting in. The beauty of the Trusstic System is that it is gender specific and comes in 15 different shapes to conform to individuals’ different requirements. It only goes to show how much ASICS takes its users’ needs seriously.

ASICS also made the cushioning of the GEL-Kayano 15 more generous by increasing the gel in the Heel and Forefoot Gel Cushioning system it used in the GEL-Kayano 14. This makes for softer heel and toe strikes.

But the feature that truly marks the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe as a trailblazer is its Asymmetrical Lacing System, which conforms to the contours of the foot’s upper, bony part. It does take a short while to get used to but the benefits of this lacing style is better fit and less abrasion points, thus more protection and comfort for the foot.

The other features of the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe, such as the memory foam that allows the heel collar to wrap exactly around your foot, and the Biomorphic Fit inserts that adjust to the natural expansion of your foot during exercise, all add to its reputation as the total runner’s running shoe.

Something About the Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe You Must Know!

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe Review

Saucony Womens ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe 300x300 Something About the Saucony Womens ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe You Must Know!

If you’re looking for a running shoe that will make you feel like a winner every time you work out, the Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe is the perfect footwear for you.

Overall rating:4star Something About the Saucony Womens ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe You Must Know!

Available from Amazon at 42-54% off

Then again, coming from one of the most respected names in running shoes, one really cannot, and should not, expect anything less than these superb cushioning shoes designed to provide neutral runners the maximum comfort and performance they need.

Neutral comfort

Neutral runners are those with normal to high arches, so they don’t need as much support, especially in the midsole, as those with flat or fallen arches, or flatfooted folks, do.

They do, however, need extra cushioning for the support it offers to the arch, and this the ProGrid Triumph 7 provides very generously. Some liken it to running on air.

In fact, the ProGrid Triumph 7 is described as the neutral runner’s ultimate cushioning shoe.

Here’s why:

  • Lightweight and breathable air mesh uppers
  • A collar lining that wicks moisture quickly for extra comfort
  • Saucony Super Lite EVA, which is extremely lightweight but extremely durable and improves rebound
  • Super Rebound Compound Impact Zone and HRC Strobel board that help absorb and evenly distribute shock
  • Arch-Lock® that assures a great fit at mid-foot. So good, in fact, is the ProGrid Triumph 7’s arch support that a number of runners who normally wear orthotics have said they no longer need them when wearing these shoes.
  • Saucony’s Comfortide open-cell sockliner, which not only gives excellent cushioning and improves ride but also helps keep your feet clean because it’s anti-microbial
  • The extremely durable impact interface and XT-900 carbon rubber outsole, which give added cushioning and isolate heel impact while improving ride and giving superb traction

Full impact

But the feature the Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe is perhaps most noted for, and deservedly so, is the full-length ProGrid™ midsole with Respon-Tek™. Progrid, Saucony’s latest innovation in impact absorption and deflection, not only eases and evenly distributes the shock of all that pounding it also helps guide the foot as it transitions from heel strike to midstride to toe-off.

All these features give you a shoe that satisfied owners say feels perfect underneath, neither too thin not too firm, with a snugly fitted heel and no lace pressure on the tongue, in an extremely lightweight package (the ProGrid Triumph 7 weighs in at a really feathery 11.4 oz. a pair).

Oh, and don’t forget the cool color options that have even the most finicky fashionistas nodding in approval.


But of course, no matter how good a shoe the Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe, it can’t be so perfect there won’t be a few gripes.

Some complaints we’ve heard:

  • Mesh breaks up too easily
  • Extra cushioning uncomfortable for higher arches
  • Squeaky
  • Mid-foot section too concave
  • Obtrusive heel cup

Complaints such as these are only natural since not all feet are the same. But over all, if you’re a neutral runner, the Saucony Women’s ProGrid Triumph 7 Running Shoe will take you through your paces, whether on the treadmill, the running path, the half marathon or the full course in comfort like very few other shoes can give. © 2013 All Rights Reserved