Don’t buy the Reebok Women’s Runtone Running Shoe Until You Read This!

Reebok Women’s Runtone Running Shoe Review

Reebok Womens Runtone Running Shoe Don’t buy the Reebok Womens Runtone Running Shoe Until You Read This!

Ever since it came out in the market, the Reebok Women’s Runtone Running Shoe has extended to runners the benefits that the famed manufacturer’s Easytones had been giving to power walkers.

Overall rating:4.5 stars Don’t buy the Reebok Womens Runtone Running Shoe Until You Read This!

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When toner shoes were first introduced, they were often accompanied by caveats about how the footwear was meant specifically for walking, not for running. This is because toners are designed to keep the user slightly off balance.

Unbalanced logic

The beauty of toner shoes is that they actually make you work out just by wearing them. In short, just slip them on and they will work your muscles as you go about your normal routine. This is the reason they have become so popular.

Toner shoes have curved and slightly elevated soles, which is why they are also called rockers. These soles keep you a bit unbalanced and “force” you to adopt a rolling and shorter heel-to-toe stride similar to the one you use when walking on sand. The logic of this instability is that you have to improve your posture, keeping your back straight, and the muscles of your lower body have to work harder to keep you upright.

But while toner shoes have proven a boon to folks who would probably have never worked a muscle until this footwear came along and to fitness enthusiasts who prefer walking to running but are looking to make the most out of their workouts, little attention was given to designing shoes for runners and joggers, who are typically the ones always raring to stretch their limits and squeeze every benefit from all that pounding and sweating.

Rocking runners

Enter the Reebok Women’s Runtone Running Shoe to fill that gap. And it does so very capably.

The Runtone works on the same principle of toner shoes, especially, of course, the Easytone, which many considered as close to perfection as toners could come. But because running entails more stress and shock to the feet and lower body, Runtones take the concept of toners another mile, pun intended.

The Reebok Women’s Runtone Running Shoe has six instability pods in the midsole, double the Easytone’s three, plus some more pods on the outsole that help evenly spread the weight and counteract the imbalance. This does away with all those warnings about toners not being made for running. The effect, in fact, is that you hardly feel the instability while in motion, even if your muscles are actually working harder to keep you from keeling over. In short, you actually get a harder workout over the same distance as you would with regular running shoes.

Reebok has increased the Runtone’s cushioning all over and introduced its DMX Shear cushioning to the heel and the IMEVA midsole to better absorb and distribute the force of the foot striking the ground, especially on hard surfaces. Of course, the Runtone also has the SmoothFit system that features a soft, seamless liner to ensure excellent fit and comfort while doing away with potential sources of abrasion and irritation. And for those using orthotics, the Runtone has a removable sockliner.

If you’re one of those who’ve been waiting for running shoes that rock, the Reebok Women’s Runtone Running Shoe is the answer to your prayers.

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