Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe Review

Ease and Comfort Running with Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe
Mizuno Womens Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe 300x300 Mizuno Womens Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe Review

Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe is the latest in the Mizuno wave series. The Mizuno brand has long been a trusted footwear partner in the world of sports. Running shoes has been its passion and has now evolved into the Mizuno wave creation.

Overall rating: 4.5 stars Mizuno Womens Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe Review

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Shoe Features

The wave technology of this particular running shoe equips it for high performance running and training. It features the dynamotion stretch that is lightweight and made of synthetic clothing material. It provides for appropriate ventilation in the midsole section of the shoe to minimize build up of heat, allowing it to be continuously comfortable all throughout your running. Trainer shoes such as this Mizuno Women’s Running Shoe is known for its durability and comfort. It relieves stress on the feet with its SmoothRide feature which reduces impact while running. Its flex grooves are larger to allow total efficiency of your energy during the initial running stage. This Mizuno running shoes offers superb cushioning and very ideal for high arch runners.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe series comes in men’s and women’s line with various colors to choose from. Women’s Wave Creation 12 comes in unique colors of Dark Shadow, Raspberry, Silver, Lime, Virtual Pink, River Blue, Wild Lime, Orange Peel, Sunny Lime, Dahlia Purple and more.

The Good:

  • Durable, lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Very good quality running shoes.
  • Provides running stability support similar to much more expensive running shoes.
  • Trendy and fashionable design but not coming out too strong.
  • For those are not neutral, well not quite, this will be a good addition to your comfortable running shoes.

The Bad:

  • May be a bit expensive than regular running shoes.
  • Their sizes is 0.5 smaller than the regular shoe sizes, make sure to get the right size to maximize its benefits.
  • Tread glue at the at the shoe bottom is totally waterproof, once it starts to peel it would be time to get a new pair.

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe is for individuals who put in comfort, durability and performance support as basic requirements for their running shoes. A lot Mizuno running shoe users have continuously patronized the product along its transition from one design and feature to the other, waiting for a new line to come out to replace the old pair. This particular model is always the best seller in women’s athletic running shoes in Amazon.

Positive reviews are encouraging a lot of people to purchase mizuno shoes. A savings of 20% on Mizuno products are being offered online. Visit the Amazon website to get hold of the best price offer and avail of its free shipping promotion. Store price may vary depending on the supply availability.

Nothing beats the comfort and ease that the Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe provides its runners. Many are loving it and are even excited to buy another pair! Runners are never disappointed with these shoes some are already on its fifth pair.

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